Our Church

Mission Statement

As a congregation...

we believe we are called to become, and to help other members become, mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that maturity in Christ calls us to a high level of commitment and motivation. We believe that mature disciples of Jesus Christ will be active in worship, prayer, Bible reading, tithing, and missions. Mature disciples will use their spiritual gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God, will live a life full of thanksgiving and joy, and will exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. Mature disciples will possess an open and forgiving spirit, and are to strive for excellence in their own spiritual lives, and in the congregation as a whole.
We therefore commit ourselves to becoming mature disciples, and investing in others so that they may become mature disciples of...

Jesus Christ.

Our History

Samaria Baptist Church was started in 1878 by a small group of dedicated Christians desiring a church in their community located four miles east of Raleigh. Property was donated from the Benton and Burchette Williams estate. The original one room meeting place is still standing at the Oak View Historic Park. The current stone Gothic building was dedicated in 1930 using cobblestones from the streets of Raleigh. Samaria is thankful for its history, but is committed to moving forward by sharing Christ to this generation. 
Samaria is a welcoming congregation that celebrates Jesus and enjoys studying God’s Word as brothers and sisters in Christ. Samaria provides a vibrant Christian community focusing on building relationships as we grow on our spiritual journey. At Samaria we seek to love God and others as we serve our local community. Please join us for uplifting music, expository preaching, and engaging fellowship.